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Creating a Custom Monument
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Your Loved One Is Always Remembered with Headstone Care

There are many reasons why you may not be able to visit the gravesites of your loved ones as often as you would like. Whether you live out of town, have a difficult schedule, or are not physically able to provide the maintenance you require, Stockton Monuments can help. Our headstone care services make sure that the memory of your loved one is always respected and that the monument honoring them is kept looking lovely all year. Contact us to hear more about these services.
Weather Restoration
Over the years, various elements from the weather and surrounding environment will cause the writing on a monument to fade. Keep your monument looking beautiful and crisp with our cleaning services. Our
headstone care experts remove any buildup or residue on monuments and headstones and even repaint any writing that has faded with time.
Headstones, Headstone Care
Additional Engraving
If, after time, you wish to add something a headstone or monument, we offer additional engraving services. We can add names, dates, or other information to pre-existing stones and monuments. We can even add photographs to an existing monument.
Resetting and Repair
Periodic headstone care can keep your site looking beautiful and combat the effects of time and weather. Monuments often settle unevenly over time, creating a lopsided effect. Stockton Monuments will extract the monument and reset it correctly in the ground.
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